Alexandre de Paris and Lauren Bacall

Alexandre de Paris and Lauren Bacall


The Essence

We found our essence in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg - a creative neighbourhood - where we set our styles and looks. We want to execute for what the hairdressing craft stands for. Creating styles that stand out from the masses: always fresh, beautiful (and sexy). Times are changing. The urban spirit is out there.You can smell it, feel it and almost taste it. What will we be doing for you?

Our craft and dedication

We don’t imitate styles from magazines, we don’t copy collections. You will be the muse. Your hair will be transformed into a naked wall, where we will paint our creativity on. Our customers are our biggest inspiration. You are important, every one is the same, but in a different way. We want to work with those differences and make you stand out from the crowd. Come in and enjoy one of our daily hair experience adventures. We are here for one reason: We are Neoberlin. We are switched on every day. Our pleasure is your happiness, beauty and confidence. Our inspirations come from icons,from people who dare to break the rules.We don’t try to copy

looks, we rather set new looks ourselves, we are here creating a balance between rush and coming down. We are here to make you look beautiful in your own way. Without taking your personal character away. This is our approach to hair dressing. This is our approach to modern life. Last but not least: The stylist will find out what suits you best. He designs more than your hair. That is our job, that is our passion. The stylist will not only see your hair, but see your entire personality. For You.



Hairdresser's Memoir

Once Upon a time in a city far, far away, there lived beauties and beasts, unicorns, dragons, witches and fairies among fashion designers, stylists, filmstars and artists. The City was called Berlin and here is its story from Past to Present then back again in a cloud of smoke to an apple tree finally. Berlin, our living Muse (vivied) , versatile, beautyful. Her tenderness ends in a shade of grey with a dreamy expression of a romantic future and versatile lividly pulse of a constant state of radical reinvention. Click your heels three times, turn around and lay down under the apple tree. Berlin is part of our story, our nowness and a neverending lovestory. Her versatile face characteriezed and imprints our lifes. 

Berlin unsere Muse. - Neoberlin founded 2004.

Berlin Du bist so schön...

Thanks to our families and friends for their unconditional love, continual support, and for providing us with the opportunities and experiences that have made us who we are today. - Neoberlin





Hairdresser's Tools

Products are tools to define and construct a style, to dress your hair. A thrilled performance of a product is the key to a versatile style. To find good products is like to find a needle in a haystack. Hair companies are popping up like mushrooms in Wonderland. A lot are carrying nowadays an eco promise. Like the green magical Potion with an attidude of eco fashion victime, who is dressed in fur. Haircare brands are promising the most odd promises you ever heard. The mass market is overwhelmed by products, produced by a marketing calendar, categorizied for consumered needs volume, shine, straight, smooth, healthy.... Most of them are a copie of a copie with low or higher quality of ingredients. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the Orginial of all the copies ? Thus click your heels three times, and put the product in front of your mirror. We have plenty of mirrors and tested plenty of haircare products. In 2006 we choose a very unknown brand on the European Market: Bumble and bumble. When we signed the contract we didn`t know the products at all. Well actually we were impressed by the story and vision of the founder of Bumble and bumble, Michael Gordon. The history of this hair salon and product line is unique, Bumble is based in Big Apple with a vision created 30 years ago, even before our future started. The products support our looks, incredible, in every way. They are great in the salon , easy to handle and fantastic in your bathroom, when you try to set the look, we created for you. Try them in every different way, use them on dry or wet hair, discover it for yourself, try versatile styling routines. In 2007 we added Aveda to our line. The legendary company founded by the Austrian Horst Rechelbacher, who wanted to get a better improvement for humans, nature and environment. The natural ingredients , based on plants and flowers, regenerate the hair and your senses. Thanks the ayurvedian philosophy of this beautiful brand. Aveda is now still classic in organic hairproducts, they are the Standard, every other organic company tries to be like them. The word Aveda comes from the Sanskrit and means to know everything. Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the best of them all?

Does It all, Grooming Creme, Prep, Sumotech and a overdose of Thickening Hairspray.

Does It all, Grooming Creme, Prep, Sumotech and a overdose of Thickening Hairspray.